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Transmission Shop Repair, and Replacement Services in Toledo, OH

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Our certified technicians handle a wide variety of transmission maintenance, repair, and replacement services. Our shop uses specialized equipment to diagnose the problems with your vehicle’s transmission and offers competitively priced solutions that can improve the value and performance of your vehicle investment. We have experienced mechanics and a vast inventory of used vehicle parts enabling us to perform skilled transmission work on any make or model. Toledo Discount Brake and Muffler can accommodate all of your vehicle’s transmission needs including installing replacement parts, updating/maintaining your transmission, rebuilding your transmission, and installing a remanufactured transmission in your vehicle.

  • Complete diagnosis of transmission function - analysis determines the cause, severity, and solution to your transmission failure.
  • Scan and diagnose computer controlled transmissions
Transmission Rebuilds and Installation
  • Cost-effective method for replacing a malfunctioning transmission that cannot be salvaged by replacement parts
  • Build professionally remanufactured transmissions specifically for your vehicle
Transmission Updates and Repairs
  • Installation of replacement parts
  • Check and test functionality and perform required maintenance
  • Check fluid levels and replace maintenance items
  • Clutch repairs and flywheel resurfacing
  • Drive train repair and maintenance
  • Transmission Performance Upgrades
Used Transmissions
  • Large Inventory of Used Transmissions and Used Transmission Parts
  • Install Used Transmissions
  • Used Transmission Sales
  • Overhaul Used Transmissions
Manual and Automatic Transmission Repair
  • Service Manual and Automatic Transmissions
  • Out-dated and Antique Vehicle Transmissions
  • Computer-controlled Power-trains
  • Manual Clutch Service and Repair

Complete Transmission Rebuild and Overhaul:

Rebuilt Vehicle Transmission, Remanufactured Transmission, Transmission Overhaul.  These service terms are often interchanged and are meant to describe complete transmission inspection, repair and replacement service resulting in a reassembled working vehicle transmission resembling the transmission of a gently used vehicle. Toledo Discount provides these services with expertise and delicate precision.
Transmission overhauls or transmission rebuilds include at least the following services:
  • All internal and external parts cleaned and inspected
  • Valve body disassembled, completely cleaned, and inspected for damage or repair
  • Soft-parts replaced, bands replaced with new or relined bands
  • OEM components checked and replaced
  • Lined friction plates
  • Internal and external seals
  • Sealing rings
  • Gaskets
  • All remaining defective, worn, or substantially impaired components restored to working condition or replaced with new, rebuilt, or fully functioning used parts
  • Transmission calibration, measuring, and adjusting
  • Electronic power train components tested, replaced, and restored if applicable